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USB007.com was established as a direct marketing arm of a multi-million dollar Asian Mobile-PC add-on peripherals manufacturer, that is currently a supplier of a major well-known brand name.

Our Goal

The goal of USB007.com is to build a platform across the internet for direct marketing of the manufacturer's product to the user, with the purpose in mind at providing the most state-of-art technology in the shortest period of time and the most affordable pricing.

This effectively enhances the information flow while eliminating middle man mark-ups in the supply and demand chain.


USB007.com employs state-of-art technology which allows us to ship directly from the factory to your doorstep. No diversions and delays sitting in multiple warehouses or sitting on a shelf in a retail store before the product reaches your hands. Time is money and technology mandates a product be hot and new. Our goal is to shorten the gap between the manufacturer and yourself. We save you time and money by bringing the most innovative technology directly to you!

Philosophy and Background

USB007.com's philosophy is Innovation, Quality and Service.

Not only that customers can count on us for existing technologies, they can also expect to be the first amongst their rivals to hit the market with newer and ever more exciting technologies.

We know that the increased costs and loss of revenue that anything less than the highest quality product can bring are unacceptable to any discerning customer. That's why, when it comes to quality, we get it right in the very beginning.

Our broad range of technical support services include online support, staffed by professional FAEs, as well as a host of technical services from our website, such as downloadable upgrades. Of a less technical nature, but equally important, we put great emphasis on product localization, with packaging, manuals and application software available in several languages - which reflects our commitment to understanding the needs of our customers.