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Private Data Storage

Private Data Storage is a concealed memory zone in mini-USB2 Flash Drives. It is not visible to Windows operating system or users. Developers can take advantage of this private memory zone to add intelligence to their applications. Example usage includes storing password, e-shopper's behavioral data, and cryptographic security information for protection of copyrighted data. Storing data on USB Flash Drives offers many advantages over a centralized database, since data on USB Drives are portable and can be accessed without network connectivity.

  • data in concealed memory zone
  • invisible to Windows OS
  • invisible to users
  • read and written by SDK only
  • storing security or copyrighted data

Data stored in Private Storage is in binary format and can be read and written by our Private Storage SDK only. Private Storage is not accessible by anyone unless an SDK is in possession. Private Storage SDK includes a Windows DLL, API documentation, and sample source code in VC++. DLL/API works under driverless mode on Win32 platforms.

The Private Data Storage valued-added feature differs from Password-secured Disk in a few ways. Private Data Storage is a better choice if,

  • your data is in binary format, not a bunch of files;
  • accessibility of your data is restricted to your application software only;
  • you want to implement an encryption algorithm of your own choice.

To obtain more information about the Private Data Storage or its SDK, please contact your USB007 Sales Representative.