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Non-erasable Content Protection

Preload files and content such as marketing materials, application software, and product driver bundles that you never want it to be removed by end users.

As a permanent, firmware-based, and format-safe file protection technology, Non-erasable Content Protection is much more versatile than merely a user-selectable hardware write-protect switch. It prevents accidental erasure of contents and increases the usage life cycle of your USB Flash Drives.

Two types of Non-Erasable Content Protection are available on mini-USB Flash Drives.

CD-style Content Protection

Your USB Flash Drives are configured and your date files are preloaded in the CD partition of the drives at our production facility. Content residing in CD partition behaves exactly the same as that in a CD Disc. Content is read-only, cannot be modified and survive from accidental erasure and format.

If you must load your files in your premises, ask your USB007 Sales Representative for our CD Content Update Tool software.

Software Write-protect

Save your files in normal read-write removable partition as usual. When you want to write-protect the files, use our WriteProtect software to turn on and off the write-protect feature. WriteProtect software is a light-weight (single-executable) Windows application and is available at a small fee.