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Data Preload

More and more companies have leveraged USB Flash Drives as a media to distribute information. As opposed to using printed materials, distributing files and content on USB Drives has many advantages, such as saving paper, multimedia and interactive capability. On the other hand, USB Drives out-perform CD-ROM by allowing last minute changes (even post-event changes!) and offering content control.

Since 2003, we have preloaded more than 134,198,988,800,000 bytes (yes, that is 122 TeraBytes) of data for our customers. Our production line utilizes high-speed specialized machines for data preloading and is capable of handling tens of thousands of units per day. We also employ stringent procedures to handle your data - virus checking, content image approval, digital checksum verification, and etc.

Customers choosing our data preloading service are usually interested in the following valued-added features and services as well.


Have no idea how to package your files and content and take advantage of the value-added features offered by our USB Drives? Our Content Mastering service may avail against your problem.