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USB Content AutoRun

Impress your audience by having the USB Flash Drive automatically launch (aka AutoRun/AutoLaunch) your message when it is plugged into the PC. Combining with our Data Preload Service , AutoRun feature offers ultimate user experience and fully exploits the potential of USB Drives as a content distribution media.

You can preload a wide range of autoRun-capable content onto your customized USB Flash Drives such as -

  • Website & Home Page Pop-up
  • Application Software
  • Company Logo & Advertisement
  • Flash Movie
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Sound Clip & Movie Clip
  • PDF Product Brochure

Application of AutoRun does not stop here. Some of our customers preload "user-mode capable login software programs" on USB drives for accessing Password-secured Disk , making USB Flash Drive a fully secured yet user-friendly portable data storage.

Our USB drive can be configured to either one of two AutoRun modes -

HD-mode (Hard Disk partitioning) works as if an external hard disk is plugged into a PC, and is by far a more popular choice among our clients.

CD-mode (CD partitioning) , in contrast, will create a read-only CD Rom drive letter (i.e. partition), in addition to a normal flash drive letter upon drive insertion.